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The French are revolting! And so is the animation…

Describe The Reign of Terror in six words or less:
Evil working class interrupt Scarlet Pimpernel

This is… the one after the French Revolution.

Original broadcast: 8 August — 12 September, 1964

Why was this made?: Again, due to Doctor Who’s educational remit, a period of history studied in schools was turned into a Doctor Who adventure. Dennis Spooner met David Whitaker to discuss story ideas, having been recommend to Whitaker by Terry Nation. Spooner would shortly become Whitaker’s replacement.
Verity Lambert, the producer, was negotiating studio space with the BBC, as…

Tomas Thomas

Tomas lives on the proper side of the planet: Australia. He dabbles in education while building defences against spiders, snakes, and spider-snakes.

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